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French Quarter - A dominant feature throughout the French Quarter neighborhood is the stunning architecture. Our balconies are adorned with intricate ironwork, our courtyards are filled with lush greenery and beautiful fountains showcase the French Quarter's European roots; although, a majority of the architectural design is the handiwork of the Spanish who ruled and rebuilt the city after two overwhelming fires in 1788 and 1794. Many buildings have ceramic plaques informing visitors of the street names during Spanish rule.

Also known as the Vieux Carre´ (Fr- Old Quarter) the French Quarter is New Orleans best known and most historic neighborhood and is considered to be the architectural crown of the city as well as its heart.  Following the great fire of 1794, most of the old colonial French architecture was destroyed.  The Spanish, who were at the time in charge of the Louisiana Territories and New Orleans, rebuilt the city according to the popular styles of the time.  To prevent future devastating fires, the Spanish rebuilt using brick, stucco and masonry facades with firewalls incorporated into the common walls of adjoining buildings.  Many of the new buildings were adorned with the graceful and delicate wrought iron galleries and balconies that have become one of the defining hallmarks of New Orleans architecture.  The end result is that the French Quarter had a decidedly colonial Spanish architectural flavor in addition to its colonial French influence.  Architectural types include Creole cottage, Creole Townhouse, American townhouse and shotgun singles, doubles and camelbacks in a variety of sizes and styles.  Major attractions are Bourbon Street, French Market, St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, antique shops and art galleries along Royal Street, the cemeteries on Rampart Street, and the Moon Walk at the Mississippi River.  There are several fine museums devoted to documenting Louisiana history including the Louisiana State Museum, Historic New Orleans Collection and the old U. S. Mint.  The French Quarter continues to be a vibrant residential neighborhood and single family homes, doubles and larger homes and buildings divided into apartments all co-exist together in the area.  Many of the individual apartment units have converted to condominium ownership, and the growth of this area in recent years has increased the opportunity to own real estate in the French Quarter.

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