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Uptown encompasses a large swath of New Orleans and comprises many neighborhoods.  Historically, Uptown is a direction, meaning everything from Canal Street going upriver to the Jefferson Parish line and from the river to Claiborne Avenue.  Uptown began as a collection of small towns directly upriver from the city, which ran along the higher ground of the river's natural levees.  Today manydifferent neighborhoods comprise all that is uptown including the Upper and Lower Garden District, Irish Channel, Jefferson, Lafayette, Carrollton, Audubon and University sections.  Major streets include Tchoupitoulas which runs along the river between the neighborhood and the many wharves of the Port of New Orleans; Magazine Street, known for its abundance of specialty antique and retail establishments; and St. Charles Avenue, with its collection of stately mansions.  Attractions include the historic St. Charles Streetcar line, Audubon Zoo and Park, Audubon Golf Course, shopping along Magazine Street, Commander's Palace Restaurant, Lafayette Cemetery and the historic architecture of the area.  Generally speaking, Uptown fared very well for Hurricane Katrina, and the section lying between the river and St. Charles Avenue did not flood.  Already a desirable place to live before the storm, this advantage makes it an even more attractive location today.

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